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Face to Face/Frente a frente
Everyday Conversations in English & Spanish/Cotidianas en inglés y español

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Another Dirty Thirty
More Words Smart People Misuse

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The Landa List
Grammar Guidelines, Proofreading Principles and Punctuation Practices
How We Work

At LandaBooks, we take a three-pronged approach to helping everyday writers and speakers improve their skills. Our on-site training hones business and professional writing. Our books focus on the grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary topics that cause most errors in writing and speaking. And our e-coaching offers real-time, one-on-one help with work-related writing. So explore our site:

  • Investigate our on-site training.
  • Take at word quiz, just for fun.
  • Sample pages from The Landa List, a handy reference that gives you the 10% of American English grammar, punctuation, and other usage rules you need to answer 90% of your everyday writing questions (and a whole lot more).

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